Student Staff

Student Staff

G-RAP employs two student coordinators who are former G-RAP participants. The student coordinators assist with basic administrative tasks and help communicate to students upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and campus resources via email, Facebook, and flyers.

The program also boasts six student Fellows who serve as academic and peer mentors to program participants. All former G-RAP students, the Fellows are selected based on academic performance and demonstrated G-RAP and campus engagement. The Fellows organize study sessions for G-RAP classes, provide tutoring, and assist with the planning of co-curricular events.


Student Coordinators

Niko Huebler
Student Coordinator

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Niko is a junior double majoring in economics and political science and hopes to go into policy making. He rows for Colorado Crew, CU's club rowing team. Niko loves to travel, especially to visit his family in Argentina and Germany. He can speak español fluently, and ein bisschen Deutsch. When he is not studying, Niko enjoys doing almost anything outside in Colorado’s amazing outdoors, as well as cooking and playing tennis.

Aaron Miller
Student Coordinator

Aaron is a sophomore at CU. He is an English and History major who loves to read about various topics of interest. Aaron has lived in the Boulder County area for the majority of his life and loves being in the outdoors. His hobbies include watching and analyzing movies, and writing screen plays, short stories, poetry etc. He is a huge Denver sports fan and can't wait for the 2015 Rockies season to start! As well as working as a student coordinator for G-RAP, Aaron is a swim coach for the Louisville Dolphins. He has been competitively swimming for 15 years and loves working with kids on improving their stroke and helping them enjoy being in and around water.


Student Fellows

Juliana Kagan

Juliana is from Atlanta, Georgia and is a double major in anthropology and sociology. She was drawn to the beauty of the Flatirons and the relaxed environment on the CU campus and decided that moving to Colorado would be the best choice for her college career. Juliana loves to be outdoors, whether she is hiking, biking, playing volleyball, or just soaking up some rays. She hopes to one day dedicate her career to increasing public health standards in developing countries and assist rural areas with getting access to clean water. Juliana loves to be goofy and is always here to help you with any and all questions from school to relationships! Juliana loves CU and can’t wait to work with the fabulous G-RAP program!

Gabby Martinez

Gabby is a senior studying political science. This is her fourth year participating in the G-RAP: two years as a resident, followed by two years as a Fellow. It goes without saying – if you have any questions about the G-RAP at all, feel free to ask her! Her hobbies include watching documentaries and “Parks and Recreation,” reading, and exercising. She is excited to help incoming students assimilate to life in the residence halls and provide academic support as well. Classes concerning political science, writing, and social sciences in general are her strong suit. Stop by her office hours in Arnett; she’d love to chat!

Conor Ryan

Conor is a sophomore from San Francisco, California studying International Affairs and French. Some of the things he enjoys are hiking, swimming, traveling, and meeting new people. When Conor was going into the 8th grade he went on a People to People Student Ambassador trip to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany so if you ever have any questions about travel or studying abroad those are topics he enjoys talking about! He is also a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and is the Community Service Chairman. After graduation he hopes to join the Peace Corps and eventually work internationally. If you have any questions whether about school, meeting new people, Greek life, or if you want to just talk, he is always open to meeting and helping new people!

Adam Sharma

Born in Portland, Oregon, Adam is a senior majoring in history and hopes to earn Latin honors upon graduation. He is in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) program at CU and plans to commission as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer. Adam is certified as a rescue diver and loves the water. He also loves his family and has three younger brothers, one of whom attends CU. He can speak Arabic and French (still practicing, of course). When he is not studying, Adam enjoys doing anything outside as well as swimming.

Andrea Viert

Andrea is a sophomore from Fort Collins, Colorado and is studying chemical and biological engineering. She has traveled to Costa Rica and all over Europe, and can’t wait to go back when she has the time. When not studying, Andrea loves to read, ski, and hike, as well as drink tea during Netflix marathons, wander around Pearl Street, watch Avalanche games, and of course attend awesome G-RAP events. She is also involved in various groups on campus including the Society of Women Engineers. Andrea is always willing to help out with a tricky math problem, understanding the insanity that is chemistry, or editing a paper or essay. She’s looking forward to meeting everyone and helping all the amazing G-RAP students have a great first year!

Jackson Zeiler

Jackson is a senior from Denver, Colorado. He is studying international affairs and history, and is also interested in other subjects like space, philosophy, and languages. He studied abroad for a year in Granada, Spain, so he knows a thing or two about Spanish. In ancient times, Jackson was a Resident Advisor in G-RAP, as well as a G-RAP student his first year (decades ago), so feel free to ask him anything about what’s going on in the program. He has taken more G-RAP classes than should be allowed, and is always willing to help out with papers and studying. In his free time, he likes to enjoy what Boulder has to offer: mountains, great weather, and fun people! He loves playing sports, talking about music, and arguing at high volumes, so stop by and hang out!



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