G-RAP Administration

The Global Studies RAP is facilitated by a director, associate director, and program coordinator. A full professor at CU Boulder, the director of G-RAP oversees the administration of the program. The associate director assists with co-curricular event planning and teaches full-time for G-RAP (5 courses/year) as a rostered instructor.

The program coordinator is responsible for the administrative undertakings of the program, including co-curricular event planning, student registration and support, class scheduling, budget management, assessment and evaluation, and supervising student staff.

The director, associate director, and program coordinator all have offices in Arnett Hall to ensure accessibility to G-RAP students. Come visit us!


Artemi Romanov

Artemi Romanov is a professor of Russian studies and has taught at CU since 1994. He is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, where he studied at St. Petersburg University. After getting his PhD in Russian studies he went to India to teach Russian language and culture in Gorakhpur University, located in the Ganges valley near the border of India and Nepal. He spent four years in India teaching, meeting people, writing articles, and traveling. When he came to the U.S. in 1992 he studied at SUNY-Binghamton where he received his MA in political science and public administration. His current research interests include sociolinguistics, lexicology, intergenerational communication, second language acquisition, and sociocultural theories and perspectives. He is the author of several books and numerous articles. He has presented his research in Russia, China, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iceland, UK, and the United States. He teaches classes on Russian language, culture and history, on sports and the Cold War, and on American-Russian relations. Every summer he leads a six-week Global Seminar in St. Petersburg, where CU students take intensive Russian language and culture classes; visit palaces, museums, and churches; and attend social and sport events, concerts, operas and ballets, all while earning nine CU credits. He and his family have travelled to more than 50 countries and plan on visiting even more. His favorite hobbies include playing jazz and romantic piano music, particularly Tchaikovsky’s Seasons and Scriabin’s preludes. In winter on weekends he can be found cross-country skiing at Eldora; in warmer weather he enjoys catamaran sailing, in-line skating along the Boulder creek, and playing tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

Carol Conzelman
Associate Director

Carol Conzelman received her B.S. and B.A. in zoology/pre-medicine at Miami University of Ohio way back in the 1980s. She then worked as a high school biology and geology teacher in California (1993 Humboldt State University teaching credential) before going back to graduate school in cultural anthropology in 1997. She has been a university instructor at CU-Boulder and the University of Denver since 2002; she most loves to teach about Latin America, democracy, social movements, U.S. foreign policy, and international development. She holds a doctorate in anthropology (2007, University of Colorado Boulder), for which she conducted 20 months of ethnographic fieldwork in the Yungas region of Bolivia and research in Washington, D.C. She analyzed how coca leaf growers in Bolivia’s traditional coca cultivation zone utilize the indigenous trade union form of community democracy and the liberal representative form of municipal democracy to promote their development agendas for coca leaf in resistance to the U.S. “war on drugs.” Carol has also served on the National Board of Directors for the international development NGO Global Volunteers, for whom she has led volunteer service learning programs in communities around the world. Carol enjoys baking cookies with her 5 year old daughter, commuting on her bike, hiking all the trails around Boulder, skiing fresh pow pow, playing pool, backpacking around Latin America, dancing at music festivals, and being part of the great learning community that is CU.
Jeanine Reinke
Program Coordinator

Jeanine is an Alumna of CU Boulder, with a BS in Education, with minors in Mathematics and Children’s Literature. She has been a resident of Colorado since the early 60’s, with a widely varied career path. She came to Colorado as a “Stew” for the old Frontier Airlines based out of the old Stapleton Airport. She worked her way through CU as one of the first female drivers, driving a big yellow school bus for Boulder Valley Schools. She was a 3rd/4th Grade Teacher for BVSD until the birth of her second son. Her sons are rare Boulder Natives, as they were born and raised in Boulder. After a 17-year career as a Stay at Home, Soccer-Hockey, Chauffeur, Volunteer, After-School-Neighborhood-Day-Care, MOM, she fulfilled a long-time dream of owning a business. She formed a Colorado S-Corp and as J.R. & Sons, Co., became a Franchisee Owner of the Louisville, Colorado, Baskin Robbins Store #6070. Seeking a stable income stream, with benefits and regular business hours, she returned to CU as a Program Assistant with the Physics and English Departments and now with GRAP. She lives in her “empty nester” (now) home in Longmont, with her beloved 8-year old Boxer, Princess Penelope. Her hobbies are commuting Kindle reading, lots of sewing/quilting projects, and weather permitting, gardening, yard work, and long neighborhood dog walks.