Aerial view of the CU-Boulder campus

Aerial view of the CU-Boulder campus

Welcome to the Global Studies Residential Academic Program!

In our ever-shrinking world, those who are most knowledgeable about international issues will enjoy the greatest success. The Global Studies Residential Academic Program (G-RAP) promotes global awareness by introducing 200 first-year students to the many cultures of the world, encouraging the study of foreign languages and international affairs, and emphasizing the value of international education.

G-RAP offers:

• An internationally engaged community of students, faculty, and staff

• Small, multi-disciplinary courses taught in the residence hall

• Co-curricular events including field trips, dinner lectures, and international film nights

• An annual, international G-RAP Spring Break

Located in Arnett Hall in the beautiful Kittredge Complex, the Global Studies RAP complements many of the undergraduate majors offered at CU and provides students with a small, inclusive, and motivated community their first year at college.

Our Mission

The Global Studies Residential Academic Program (G-RAP) promotes international understanding and the recognition of the world’s many cultures by fostering globally conscious, interculturally competent college students, who are prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

Additionally, G-RAP strives to contribute to an enriched, student-centered model for American higher education in the 21st century. G-RAP is proud to be a leader in the effort to globalize the CU-Boulder campus.